Your Rights As A Parent

As a parent you have certain rights when you place your child in a childcare center.
Please note that “parent” refers to anyone who has the authority to make decisions for the child including a foster parent or other adult who is the legal guardian. Knowing and understanding your parental rights will help give your child a safer and more rewarding experience in a daycare or pre-school setting.

Parental rights

The following parental rights are a general guideline. Please note that parental rights vary from state to state. For specific information contact your state’s Childcare Licensing department. It is a requirement that your childcare provider give you a copy of your parental rights when you enroll your child.

•    You have the right to visit your child and to observe the program at any time that your child is present.
•    Request in writing that a parent not be allowed to visit your child or take your child from the childcare center. This requires a certified copy of a court order.
•    File a complaint against the childcare center with the licensing office. You are also allowed to review the licensee’s public file kept by the licensing office.
•    Receive from the licensee the name, address and telephone number of the local licensing office.
•    Review, at the licensing office, any reports of licensing visits and complaints made against the childcare center.
•    File a complaint at the licensing office and inspect the childcare center without discrimination or retaliation against you or your child.
•    Be informed by the childcare provider the name and association to the childcare center of any adult who has been granted a criminal record exemption. The individual’s name may also be obtained by contacting the local licensing office.

Additionally, your childcare provider should regularly communicate, via phone, email or in person, information with you regarding your child. You should be able to reach the childcare facility by telephone at all times that your child is present and be advised and required to give written permission before your child is taken on a field trip.

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