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Just because school is out, does not mean that your child does not need to continue to learn. Learning activities should be extended beyond the bell. Excelsior Learning Academy will provide this for you.

After school programs – A quality after school program will enable your child to relax after a long day at school, but not vegetate in front of a TV screen or video game system. After school programs offer homework assistance and enable your child to expand upon the regular school curriculum. All homework assistance is done in a caring atmosphere, designed to aid the child in learning the material. A hot and nutritious supper will be served to your child upon arrival to ELA from school.

Before school programs – Many parents need to drop off their child before school so they can get to work on time. Before school programs offer a place for the child to eat breakfast and get ready for their day at school. Our quality before school program will assist your child in getting focused for the day, and allow for the fact that the child may be tired from rising so early in the morning. Transportation to school is included.

Vacation/Summer programs –  During the time when school is out for break, vacation day care programs are a great way to keep the child stimulated in an educational environment. During the summer, opportunities for educational field trips provide hands on learning activities.

All of these programs are designed to build your child’s self-esteem and increase their social skills by building positive social relationships. ELA has specific goals and activities designed to support the learning process outside of the school setting.

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