Our Qualifications

We have passed all state licensing requirements that regulate our training and qualifications required of childcare providers. All of our staff members have a minimum of Early Childhood Development or Early Childhood Education credits. In addition, many of our teachers have taken secondary or postsecondary courses or Early Child Education coupled with childcare work experience.

All of our staff members has a background check performed before successfully hired. Persons with felonies, certain misdemeanors and sex related offenses are not allowed licensure and are not employed by our facility. All of our staff members are also required to be trained in first aid, CPR and receive continuous training on topics of Early Childhood Education.

All of our staff members are trained to deal with the following situations:
•    Must be vigilant in anticipating and preventing problems.
•    Dealing with disruptive and difficult children.
•    Giving fair but firm discipline.
•    Enthusiastic and constantly alert.
•    They must communicate effectively with the children, parents and other childcare workers.
•    Must be mature, reliable, patient and energetic.

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