Kindergarten day care programs prepare your child for elementary school in a private setting. Through small class sizes, degreed and experienced teachers, children are able to grow and learn at their own pace. When a child is afforded the opportunity to grow at its own pace, it lays a foundation of self-esteem that lasts a lifetime.

A Kindergarten program should have both teacher directed and child directed activities. Subjects such as math, science, language, writing, and social studies prepare the child for the elementary school foundation classes. Music, technology, and art round out the educational experience and offer enrichment for the student.  A solid Kindergarten program will also seek to challenge students through critical thinking activities and problem solving.

Kindergarten also teaches children about structure and following directions in a group setting. These skills are critical to the child being successful in the upper grades. Kindergarten is the transition from being a baby to being a big kid. Kindergarten is the bridge between the child’s life at home and the real world. This is why a balance between a play and academic setting is important to a smooth transition for the child.

If you are considering a daycare Kindergarten program for your child, consider the skills that he/she will need in the 1st grade program at your local elementary school. Ask the Kindergarten teachers specifically how they are preparing the children for the expectations at the next level. Ensure that the daycare program is offering a well-rounded curriculum that will produce a confident and prepared child.

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